Shipping At Globe

Shipping is something that is taken seriously at Globe Architectural and Metal. The goal of our shipping practice is to ensure our products are safely and securely packaged and arrive at the job site exactly as they left our facility. In order to accomplish this, we use a large majority of crates. As you can see in the crating process above, most crates are made of plywood. The box is then lined with hard polystyrene to help protect against movement and any shift in position within the crate. Furthermore, the product is also covered and protected with any necessary vinyl or soft foam. Lastly, all products are cleated down and securely covered.

Large Scale Shipments

For shipping entire cabs, banding is used to secure everything onto one skid. Shipping large skids allows Globe to send entire elevator cabs in one or two skids upon request. For jobsite delivery, Globe contracts exclusive use trucks, and direct couriers, to deliver directly from our dock to the job site. This eliminates any chance of damage during transit and provides a specific time window for delivery if necessary.

Shipping Multiple Cabs

All of the creating and skid packaging is done completely in-house. This process allows for a higher level of product security and stability when shipping elevator cab components. In the picture to the left, all of the skids are loaded per car for the project. By custom fabricating every crate, Globe is capable of maintaining orderly skid deliveries. This process is advantageous during the delivery, and installation of our product.