New Construction Elevators

Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Globe Architectural and Metal provided the elevator cab shells & interiors for the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills new construction project. Photo by others.

New Construction Project Advantages

Using Globe Architectural and Metal, for any new construction project, has many advantages. Initial advantages include our elevator cab shell options. At Globe we have taken a great deal of time to perfect the elevator cab shell manufacturing process and design. We are able to provide shells in different materials to assist in meeting weight goals and interior design requirements. The different materials we use are 1/8" aluminum, 16ga stainless steel, and 14ga steel. Each of these materials options maintain a different advantage when producing the finished product.

During the initial phases of design, our team works to eliminate any unforeseen issues that may arise during the project. We work with contractors and architects to make the desired result a design reality.

Additionally, complete in-house manufacturing produces many advantages to a new construction project. Globe is capable of producing and fabricating all elevator cab interior components in-house. This allows for timely delivery during aggressively scheduled projects.

As well as complete in-house manufacturing, contracted shipping via direct courier is extremely beneficial. This added care allows our products to be delivered on time and intact. Jobsite deliveries can be arranged to ensure our products arrive within any requirements of the location.