Manufacturing Success

From start to finish, all products made by Globe Architectural and Metal are fabricated and constructed entirely in-house. This allows the company to handle a wide range of elevator cab products. Mainly, Globe possesses the capabilities to create completely custom elevator cabs with any material on the market today. This is a process that requires masterful craftsmanship, knowledge, and experience to execute properly. Lucky for our customers, Globe has been doing this for 20 years.


Being able to fabricate all types of material means options for our customers. Multiple options ensure that anyone can get exactly what they had envisioned. It is important to remember that if you do not have an architect or design for your product, the professionals at Globe are excellent in engineering and have many options to help aid you. Our manufacturing options range from more basic designs to extremely detailed and elaborate material fabrication. Please click the envelope on the right side of your page to e-mail Globe with any questions about product materials or designs.


Globe has the capacity for sheet metal CNC punching, engraving, bending, and welding; fabricating all steel, stainless, bronze, and aluminium up to ¼” thick, and 12’-0" long. All parts are punched within .005”, and bent within .015”.


Globe Architectural and Metal is currently capable of engraving all types of materials including plastic, bronze, brass, and any steel variations. With a maximum space allowance of 60in x 120in, our company has the space to handle a massive variety of engraving. This part of the manufacturing allows Globe to expand its horizons into all kinds of signage plates and lettering.

Intelligent Design

Product Assembly

Making sure that a product is constructed properly is paramount in the manufacturing business. At Globe Architectural and Metal, all our products are pre-assembled prior to shipping. We work hard to prepare products as far as possible without interfering with the installation process. This allows for an entire inspection of part design and alignment. Not only are individual parts assembled at Globe, but entire elevator cabs can be assembled before shipping upon request. These cabs are called mock-up cars, and are often constructed for preliminary viewing as well as product communication.