Ease of Installation

At Globe, we know well designed products make a difference when it comes to saving time on the job. This is why we continue to implement designs with the intention of making installation as easy as possible in the field. Additionally, All interiors manufactured by Globe are removable. This key component allows for efficient product replacement in the event damage occurs over time.

Every product delivered by Globe is ready for immediate installation. All wall panels are prefit to the shells and subwall panels for every elevator interior supplied. Additionally, Globe Architectural and Metal takes the time to attach any necessary components such as clips, bolts, and angles for erecting a properly aligned custom elevator cab. Along with any required hardware, larger products include templates and spacers to aid with installation. Smaller products such as destination items and fixtures always include the required material as well.

To see installation examples please scroll down. The images included show how finished wall panels are pre-installed with clips so they can be placed onto aluminum sub-walls. This allows the panel to slide into place immediately after it is pulled out of the crate. Furthermore, the slotted sub-walls hold wall panel clips in the proper position, allowing minimal need for adjustment. These aluminum sub-walls are fastened to existing shell walls with hardware, as shown in the second picture down on the right. For any questions about the installation process of Globe Architectural and Metal products, please contact us via email or by calling 262-250-1120.

We also can include an installation guide with the drawings.

Download an example of a previously supplied installation guide here->> Installation Guide Example

Sub-walls and Wall Panels

To your left is an image that shows the aluminum sub-wall built to house four vertical wall panels and one lower horizontal panel.

The image on the right also shows a sub-wall made by Globe. As you can see, all of the slots are positioned so the wall panels can be easily mounted and aligned.

The image to the left shows wall panels being mounted in-house prior to crating. All wall panels are pre-fit and marked before shipping.

The image to the right shows how easy it is to fasten the sub-walls to the existing cab shell walls.

On the left you'll see a wall panel being pre fit and aligned. If you look at the middle of the sub-wall you can see the marking that will correspond with that specific panel. Markings on the sub-wall can also be seen in both of the top two images. All wall panels and sub-walls are marked so there is no second guessing.

The photo to the right is displaying this particular elevator cab's rear wall. In this case, once the flat screen is in place the wall panels are ready to be mounted to the sub-wall.

The image to the left shows the cab's sub-walls in the field.

The image to the right is displaying the rear wall with its feature panel mounted over the flat screen. All wall panels on the rear wall of this cab are glass.

These two final pictures are images of both cabs after the wall panels are fit.