Elevator Modernization

Elevator modernization is an area of expertise at Globe Architectural and Metal. We understand the complications that surround modernization projects. Our products are designed to eliminate these complications and provide a solution that can be installed in a timely manner. Most commonly, the use of aluminum subwalls allows for quick and flawless installation within existing circumstances. Furthermore, our products are shipped with all wall panel clips precisely installed and aligned to save time at the jobsite as well as, ensure product alignment.

The process of a modernization project begins with a complete survey of the existing circumstances. Globe Architectural and Metal would be more than happy to complete a survey if dimensional verifications are required. Once we have the dimensional requirements, and an understanding of the job scope, a quote can be provided. After our quote has been accepted and a PO is received, we can start the engineering process. Lead times on drawing submissions tend to be job specific. After our submittals are approved, we can typically maintain an ten to twelve week lead time for delivery.

Please see Globe product designs that make elevator modernization more efficient. Ease of Installation

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